1. So, what’s this Hello Doctor thing?

    Hello Doctor is a mobile application that helps you manage and understand your medical records, and makes it easy to share them with your doctor, for free. No more binders full of papers!

  2. Who is Hello Doctor meant for?

    We believe everyone can, and should, have access to their medical records, anytime, anywhere, so Hello Doctor is simply made for everyone. Specifically, people in medical conditions, such as cancer, heart diseases, etc. that are unfortunately forced to collect their own medical records can benefit it the most.

    The records everyone should collect come from multiple sources including doctors, ERs, clinics, labs, and Hello Doctor helps patients control their health by providing them with much more than a personal health records (PHR) management system.

  3. How can I get a copy of my medical records?

    Great question! Before telling you that, you should know that your medical records are yours, and you have the right to get a copy of them. As for getting that copy, there's a perfect, clear explanation on WikiHow: How to Get a Copy of Your Medical Records.

  4. How can I add new records?

    The easiest way to add your medical records would be to send them to and the Record Tagger will add them for you.

    Got paper copies of your records from your doctor? Take a picture of them from within the app, or use existing images from your iPhone or iPad Photo Library or Dropbox (a sign-in to Dropbox is required).

    Our goal is to enable you to easily and instantly add new records so you can access them in real-time. We’ll be constantly adding other methods for adding new records, including storage services in addition to Dropbox. If you use a service we haven’t thought of, or have a crazy idea of how to easily and immediately add records to Hello Doctor, drop us a line and we promise to check it out!

  5. Can I attach multiple pages of the same record?

    Yes, when sending your records to and using the Record Tagger, records with multiple pages are grouped. We're still working on the option to grouping option when adding records from the Camera, Library and Dropbox. Stay tuned!

  6. Can I add notes to the records?

    Yes! Hello Doctor helps you remember everything you need to ask or tell your doctor by simply adding a “note” anywhere on your medical record. From now on, your “black-out” moments when facing your doctor are gone, all your questions, concerns, fears are documented right where they should be. Oh, and you can add more than one note on each record.

  7. How often should I add new records to Hello Doctor?

    The easiest way is to add a new record as you get it. That way you won’t forget to do it later. Adding records when you receive them is easier and faster than adding a bunch every once in a while and as important, helps you stay organized and keeps Hello Doctor updated and as useful as can be.

  8. What are those SmartLists™ you mention everywhere?

    When adding medical records to Hello Doctor, the SmartLists automatically organize them for you. Once your records are added, you can easily navigate through different SmartLists using the side menu (tap the menu button at the top-left corner of the app), find the just the records you need and prepare for your next medical visit in advance.

  9. The doctor asked me for a previous record so he can compare specific test results over time, can I show it to him in real-time?

    Yes. To see a previous record of the same type simply drag a record upwards to get a view of all the records of the same type, in chronological order. The other option is to simply access a specific SmartList from the side menu.

  10. Are my records safe? Who can see them? Do I have control over who can see them?

    Yes. Your records are totally safe, and can only be accessed using Hello Doctor. When using Hello Doctor for the first time you set a password which protects all your data. Even we don’t know your password, and the only way to restore it is by using your secret answer (this is why setting a good secret question and answer is important!).

    Without your email and password combination, no one but you has access to your records, not even your doctor. You and only you, have full control over who you share your records with. Be safe!

    We also urge you to set a passcode lock on your iPhone or iPad to make sure it’s even more secure. More details on how to set a passcode lock can be found in the iPad user guide (page 9, under “Set a passcode”).

  11. What if my doctor doesn’t want to look at my iPhone or iPad?

    Well, some doctors still prefer to look at hard copies of medical records.

    Each record on Hello Doctor has a Share option at the top-left enabling to Email or Fax the record. Please note that an internet connection is required for faxing, so we highly recommend you either use an iPhone or iPad with a cellular data connection, a Wi-Fi network or a Hotspot from your cellular device.

    Faxes are sent using a 3rd party service, HelloFax (no pun intended!), which is used by other popular services. As much as we would like to, we can’t guarantee the fax will work 100% of the time.

  12. How did you guys come up with the idea of Hello Doctor?

    Hello Doctor was born out of one of its founders' personal experience and frustration. When our CEO Maayan's partner was diagnosed with a brain tumor she was naturally assigned as the case manager. Someone had to keep it all together in order to go through the rough period ahead. Read more about how it all began.

  13. Will you sell my medical records?

    We will never, ever, not in a thousand years, not for gazillions of dollars, sell or in anyway use the medical records you add to Hello Doctor in a way that may identify you or your condition. Never.

    We may, however, use aggregated data mentioned in your medical records in order to give our users (and you among them) tools to cope with their condition. Such information may include names of tests, treatments, drugs, etc. For example, we may use data in order to inform you that a certain number of users in your age and condition have successfully tried a specific treatment. This data is collected and analyzed and will NEVER include data that can link back, indicate or suggest any information that can identify you as a user.

    Just to be clear, we’ve been there ourselves. We know the importance of discretion in these situations.

  14. I forgot my password, what should I do?

    When setting up your account with Hello Doctor, we ask you type in a security question only you know the answer too, so in case you forget your password you can answer that question and then set up a new password. Forgot those too? Contact us!

  15. What is a security question?

    The security question is set to assist in case of forgotten passwords. You should come up with a security question you, and only you, know the answer to. Try to avoid questions like “What’s your pet’s name”, “What school did you attend at 3rd grade” or any other question a short digging in social networks can provide the answer to.

    Good examples for security questions: like “What was your childhood nickname?”, “In what city did you meet your spouse/significant other?” or “What is the name of your favorite childhood friend?”. The harder it is to find the answer to the question, the more secure your medical records are. Be smart!

  16. I forgot my password and security answer, what do I do?

    Unfortunately, in order to be as secure as possible, the best solution for now is to delete the app, reinstall it and add your records all over again. We know it’s a hassle, but the safety of your records is of highest priority to us. We’re working on adding security mechanisms for password retrieval that are easier and won’t compromise your security. Still need help? Contact us!

  17. I lost my iPhone or iPad with all my personal medical records on it, help!

    Be sure - without your email and password no one can access your medical records. Also, without your security question, no one can know your password.

    That said, there are more ways to make sure no one has access to content stored on your iPhone or iPad. We urge you to set a passcode for your iOS device (details on how to set a passcode lock can be found in the iPad user guide, page 9, under “Set a passcode”), and also recommend installing the Find my iPhone or iPad app from Apple to make sure you can remotely wipe it completely in case you ever lose it.

  18. Is Hello Doctor still in beta?

    Yes, Hello Doctor is still in beta. Though we’re doing our best, we’re not perfect, and there may be bugs and crashes. If you have any thoughts, we’d love to hear your feedback, and we promise to work as hard as possible to fix those glitches quickly. Rest assured, your records’ security and your privacy is always our first priority, and we’ll always do everything we can to avoid security-related bugs.

  19. Can I manage the medical files of my loved ones?

    Not yet, but We know how important it is, and are already working on it!

  20. Will you ever send me spam?

    No. No. And No. We hate spam too, and fight our inboxes every day. We promise to only email you important messages related to our service, and we will always include an easy-to-find unsubscribe option.

  21. Are your servers secure?

    The answer is definitely Yes. We use the best security measures, all data transferred to our servers is encrypted, your information is encrypted on our servers and we monitor all access to our servers. We made sure our infrastructure is HIPAA-ready and we are currently working on becoming HIPAA compliant. For more security related questions, feel free to send us an email: .

  22. Are you HIPAA compliant?

    Though we are not subject to the HIPAA regulations, protecting your privacy is our top priority and this is why we are HIPAA-ready. As we continue developing our product, we may add features that may require us to be HIPAA-compliant. In case we do, we will let you know via email.

  23. I have some feedback, can we talk?

    Sure, we want to hear everything you have to say, good and bad. Shoot us an .

  24. Can I use Hello Doctor outside of the US?

    We currently offer our services in the US and Israel only. We hope to help people in complex medical conditions in other countries very soon!

  25. (Thank God) I’m well now. Should I keep Hello Doctor updated?

    Phew. You’re a winner! Still, we recommend keeping Hello Doctor with all your medical records handy for follow up check-ups or cases of emergency, just to be sure.

  26. Can I throw away my binder with papers I collect from medical sources?

    No. Absolutely not. In case you forget your iPhone or iPad at home or don't have access to it at all times (that battery life, ha?), you should always keep your binder of medical records up-to-date.

  27. How do I delete a record?

    Tap on a specific medical record to view it in full-screen mode. Once there, you can tap the Trash can icon to delete a specific record, or use the "Delete all my records" from the left menu to permanently delete all your records.

  28. I want to stop using Hello Doctor. Can I delete all my records at once?

    Yes. You can always use the “Delete all my records” button at the bottom of the side menu. It’ll be our pleasure, though, to hear why you chose to stop using Hello Doctor, so please feel free to send us your feedback using our Contact form or by .

  29. You are a startup company, what happens to my records if you shut down?

    Your privacy is top priority to us, and you owning your medical records is of utmost importance to us. As such, in case we ever stop developing Hello Doctor, for any reason, we'll let you know by email in advance and give you the option to download all your records so you can be sure that you have them, no matter what.

    Please note, we highly recommend that you always keep all the hard-copies of your records, no matter what.

  30. Is Hello Doctor available for Android based tablets? What about the iPhone and other operating systems?

    Hello Doctor is currently available for iPhone and iPad only. We sure hope it won’t be long before we launch versions for other platforms.