Control your health.

  • Manage medical records from multiple sources
  • Have real-time access to all your records
  • Understand and control your health
Featured on ABC News, Hello Doctor is a free mobile app that empowers you to control their health, organize, and understand your medical records (paper or digital). It allows you to share your medical records with your doctor and take notes on the medical records themselves — so you won’t forget what bothered you and resolve it in time. It’s simple and useful, especially in real time — when you are facing your doctor. Click here to see Hello Doctor featured on ABC News

SmartLists™. All your medical records anytime, anywhere.

SmartLists™ image
Organized in SmartLists by record type, you can access each record in literally 2 taps on your iPhone and iPad.

Notes. Note everything you need to ask your doctor.

Note example
Note any issue needed to be resolve with your doctor, directly on your medical records: questions about doses, side effects, concerns about treatment options and more.

Lots of medical records

The Record Tagger.

Too many records to organize? Let the Record Tagger do it for you! Send your records to and get them tagged for you on your next log in. It’s that easy!